Mount’s CPD Courses and Seminars On Workplace Lighting

Throughout 2024, Mount Lighting will offer Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses and seminars in which industry professionals can learn about the future of workplace lighting through hands-on demonstrations and expert speakers. In these seminars, there will be a discussion surrounding the present evolution of sustainable lighting controls and the oncoming innovation of lighting in the workplace.


Biophilic LED Lighting in Luxury Commercial Offices and Showrooms


Mount’s recent CPD certification allows us to share knowledge in specialised courses with a broad audience of industry members, including Architects, Specifiers, Designers, M&E Consultants and the Design and Build community. These CPDs aim to align multiple lighting industry subjects, provide detailed expertise about industry trends and the continuous additions to making lighting more sustainable, and present interactive examples.


We have designed our CPDs to be captivating, first-hand, immersive experiences in a relaxed environment, with highly engaging and interactive displays to aid learning and discussions. These courses can be hosted in various showroom locations where our lighting systems are displayed, such as AllSfär & Lavoro (London), Spacestor (London), the Hunts Showroom (High Wycombe), or Mount Lighting headquarters (Luton). If preferred, and depending on distance and travel, clients can request to host the CPD or seminar at their chosen venue.




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During the CPDs, we will stage walkarounds of the showrooms, with interactive demonstrations to deliver insight into how Mount Lighting understands the evolution and future of the workplace and how we are rising to the task of a more sustainable future of lighting.


The first CPD presented is ‘Wireless Mesh Lighting Control For The Future Workplace’. This initial CPD will explore how workplaces have adapted to subjects such as flexible working while discussing how lighting can improve the well-being of workspace users, all while being sustainable. You can enquire to book a place and location that suits you and your team now.


These courses have been compiled to last an hour and are split into three sections of 15-20 minutes of participant-led presentations by a friendly and experienced lighting expert. Between these sections is the opportunity for refreshments and the interactive walkaround demonstration.


Curved Acoustic LED Lights in Luxury Office Space and Showroom


To schedule a CPD for your company, a link to make a booking is available on Mount Lighting’s CPD Certification page. The intended frequency of the seminars is 1-5 sessions per year, so be sure to book a place for your company and subscribe for notification of new courses.


Mount Lighting dedicates itself to creating increasingly sustainable lighting and being at the forefront of lighting technology. The CPDs we offer are part of our goal to continue this commitment and share our knowledge so the entire industry has a part in forming the future of the workplace.


If you want to learn more about these CPDs or reserve a showroom ‘light lunch’ session, please contact us today at [email protected] or 01582 369005.

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