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    Emergency Lighting


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    Mount Lighting is dedicated to providing emergency lighting solutions to all budgets and projects. As a cost-effective LED emergency exit sign, our Sortie exit box is still smartly designed to provide an emergency lighting solution that performs when it’s needed the most. With a bold legend and choice of legend options, the Sortie can be integrated throughout your interior. The Sortie has a good 4W power output and can be used throughout final escape routes, warehouses and all general office areas. The legend is visible at 25m for easy detection in the dark or emergency situations. Sorted!

    The body of the Sortie box can be manufactured in a variety of colour options: white, brass and chrome. The legend is manufactured using reflective polycarbonate sheet to provide a high light output that will last for three hours in emergency mode. As an LED luminaire, the Sortie is energy efficient and can be chosen in maintained or non-maintained options. The exit box requires very little maintenance apart from the standard testing and maintenance specified for emergency lighting.

    Key Features

    • Arrow down legend supplied as standard
    • 25m viewing distance
    • Full three hour output in emergency mode
    • Maintained or non-maintained
    • Brass or chrome options


    Our Sortie LED exit box has been designed as a cost-effective LED emergency exit sign and is suited for indoor use only.


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    Product Code


    Product Options


    Option Code
    WH White
    BR Brass
    CHR Chrome


    Legend Options
    SRLEGENDU Arrow Up
    SRLEGENDL Arrow Left
    SRLEGENDR Arrow Right
    NOTE: Arrow down legend supplied as standard

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