project requirements

Creative office design helps to develop success and inspire minds. Company culture is massively impacted by surroundings, and the client wanted a commercial space that would encourage high productivity levels, look after the health and wellbeing of employees and impress valued clients.

The office is designed over two levels with the upper zone being a bright, spacious mezzanine. Across the two floors, consistent and high-output task lighting that encouraged focus and reduced eye strain was required. For the main open workspaces, linear runs of  our  super efficient UGR19 Lens-Line were installed in a series of lengths to create a dynamic appearance and full lighting coverage.

Break-out areas and meeting zones were also a key focus of our lighting design implementation. The employee dining areas and seating on the first floor needed ambient lighting that created a more relaxed atmosphere and separated it from the dedicated work areas.

Upstairs, the large conference space needed functional yet exceptional lighting, and our Lyra ceiling pendants with sleek copper finish and contemporary design were the perfect fit. Now employees can enjoy their downtime in comfort and embrace meetings with confidence.

Suspended ring lights help to integrate the levels of the building and offer consistent output to areas where the natural light is reduced. The beautiful dual Oreo lights at the office’s entrance attract the eye immediately and are a spectacle from above and below. Emergency lighting was also supplied throughout but was selectively chosen to have a discreet appearance.

Casambi Bluetooth lighting control was also integrated into the lighting supply and installation. The Core team now have total control of lighting levels and temperatures at a touch of a button to suit different tasks and events.

Our team worked closely with the client to bring their vision to life and combined our creativity with theirs to build an office appropriate for the company’s creative spirit and ambition.

lighting design for office
office led lighting

Project Conclusion

When the very ‘product’ you market is creativity (especially when it’s in the name), there’s no excuse for an uninspiring place that hinders rather than hones creative minds. The Core Creative team now have a beautiful office where they can work collaboratively and as a dedicated collective to produce impressive marketing creations for their clients.

Client Testimonial from the Core team:

“Having Casambi lighting control in our office allows us to manage the level and quality of light for specific situations or tasks at the touch of a button. The ability to control room lighting across different zones and floors to an optimum level improves the experience of the staff and also makes operating light functionality simple. Now we can have the right amount of light when and where needed from a handy to use application.”