project requirements

The offices, which include a roof terrace, span the top two floors of an innovative, forward-looking development by SPACE, where every feature of the building is designed to facilitate an efficient and thriving working environment. Mount Lighting was contracted to design, select and supply lighting for the main offices, meeting rooms, breakout and reception areas. 


Modern, commercial office lighting requires powerful and intelligent products that deliver on form as well as function. At Mount Lighting, we go beyond “suitable and sufficient” to manufacture and supply LED lighting that not only meets CATB requirements but looks exceptional, improves employee wellbeing and inspires creativity and production at the same time. 


Suspended lighting for commercial spaces strikes the perfect balance. Suspended fixtures provide excellent task lighting – and are a talking point for visitors. Different shapes, alignments and layers add a level of interest to your design and change the way the light is cast, transforming the feel of different areas inside the building. The Oreo luminaire makes a bold first impression that it consistently lives up to. We fitted three different-sized overlapping Oreo luminaires in the upstairs breakout space on this project to create a bright, functional, and dynamic area for ideas generation.


Open-plan office layouts are a great way of encouraging collaboration and allow for a lot more design flexibility. The biggest challenge at this stage is differentiating between zones while creating a sense of flow from one to the next. Lighting is a subtle but effective way of dividing but also uniting different spaces on the same floor. In this case, we maintained a sense of flow by installing suspended Force downlights in the kitchen. The direction of the fixtures creates a downward path of light, making the space feel cosier. The other place we installed Force suspended lights was in a collaborative space between meeting rooms, to carry through the relaxed atmosphere, encourage convergence and get people working together. 


We had a lot of creative license with this project, but the one thing the client was specific about was they wanted to incorporate their blue colour branding into the design using LED lighting. At Mount, we pride ourselves on our commitment to turning our clients’ visions into reality. We were able to manufacture the Force cans in a bespoke blue RAL colour that perfectly matched the client’s branding and supplied them with the correct flex lengths for on-site installation.


The most challenging element of this project was designing the lighting to the client’s specifications and achieving the required lux levels without going over budget.