Project Requirements

2, The Square, Stockley Park covers a total of 29,411 sq. ft. of commercial space that was ripe for upgrading to a modern, low-carbon and attractively lit office.  Mount Lighting supplied LED track lighting and their UK-manufactured lens-line UGR19 high-efficiency linear lighting system, which enabled the optimum lighting for each zone; the reception, communal office space, plus separate meeting and breakout rooms.


The client specified that our office lighting design must meet low-glare UGR19 criteria and deliver approximately 2400 lumens of illumination.  UGR19 means the overall lighting scheme has a Unified Glare Rating of 19 or less, which is the level recommended for most commercial workspaces given by the Society of Light and Lighting to meet UK and European standards.


A lower glare helps reduce welfare issues in the workplace – especially important where staff spend a lot of time using computer screens. BS EN 12464 Standards specify the UGR rating for different task areas, but complying with this standard is not as simple as specifying a URG19 light fitting. To know whether the glare rating meets the threshold (in this case <19), lighting designers must calculate the UGR based on the physical space that the luminaires are installed in.


The Mount Lighting team has over 20 years of technical experience and expertise in office and commercial lighting design. Following a site survey, we made their lighting calculations and supplied a comprehensive and fully compliant low-glare lighting solution for the client.


The Lens-Line is the most sustainable URG19 linear lighting option with a low carbon footprint and high energy efficiency.  Lens-Line technology achieves an outstanding 195 lumens per watt, far exceeding most.  Standard LED lighting on average only achieves 75-110 lumens/watt, making the Lens-Line more than 2x as efficient as most other LED lighting solutions on the market. We manufacture the Lens-Line in-house to our client’s specifications, which reduces import costs and transport emissions.


Additionally, the design of the Lens-Line system allows for hidden smart controls. It’s compatible with Casambi Bluetooth Lighting Control, giving the end-user dimming and colour temperature control with the touch of a button, adding another dimension to the energy efficiency and sustainability of lighting design.


The client was working on a strict schedule, and we had to adapt our production programme to fit in with the specified delivery. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities and fast turnaround times, we are pleased to report that the bespoke Lens-Line system, ready finished with black flex and cut to the required lengths, arrived on time, allowing the rest of the fit-out project to progress on track.  The resulting high-grade office space is a stunning example of a low-carbon, sustainable work environment that is inspiring to see.

UGR19 led lighting
UGR19 led lighting

Project Conclusion

Lens-Line offers a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to office lighting. We accelerated our production programme to supply bespoke Lens-Line LED Linear fittings for this CAT A fit-out. The finished project was delivered on time and offered suitable illumination for a commercial space according to the European Standard. The client was pleased with the end result, and Mount is proud to have been the exclusive lighting supplier for this project.

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