project requirements

Veeva Systems have over ten offices in America alone and operate out of key metropolitan hubs all over the globe, including Tokyo, Barcelona and Sydney. The new office in Oxford is a single-floor space with multiple rooms and Mount Lighting became involved at the Category B fit-out stage. One of a kind office design and build company Habit Action had been selected by Veeva Systems to deliver a corporate, unique interior plan for the 12,000 sq ft office. Habit Action took on board the demands of the company and created a beautiful workplace environment that’s user-friendly and modern.

Mount Lighting worked with the electrical contractor and Habit Action to design a lighting plan that would elevate the stunning interior layout and support employee welfare while delivering lasting visual impact. Across the office, Mount supplied lighting for meeting rooms, breakout spaces, the reception area, individual offices and the main working space. Now the employees, visitors and company as a whole can experience a beautiful office every single day with lighting that is comfortable, beneficial and inspiring.

In terms of unique requirements for the project, our Echo LED downlights needed to be supplied as trimless for a flush, seamless finish and were designed specially for Veeva Systems. A specific RAL colour was also selected for the Halo luminaires that matched the company’s brand. The Halo luminaires were produced and delivered within 3-4 weeks to support the timeframe of the project.

recessed lighting
halo lighting

Project Conclusion

Veeva Systems wanted a new office that looked corporate and on-brand that still displayed elements of uniqueness, fun and individualism. With a focus on user-friendliness and employee welfare, the task lighting and ambient lighting Mount Lighting supplied will help support productivity and offer suitable lux output for a long time to come. The client has expressed their love for the lights and we are delighted to have been part of bringing this impressive design to life.