Visit Spacestor’s New London Design Centre

The team at Mount Lighting are excited to announce that we have once again partnered with Spacestor at their newly designed showroom in the heart of London’s design district at 48-50 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 3HP.


This collaboration comes just in time for Clerkenwell Design Week from 23-25 May 2023, where some of the UK’s leading interior design products will be showcased.



Lighting Designs to Complement Innovative Workplace Furniture

Spacestor is one of London’s key innovators of workspace furniture, designing architectural and space-defining furniture with California and London style combinations.


The interior fit-out was envisaged by a global architecture, design, and planning firm. With Spacestor bringing all three companies together, the space has been beautifully designed, ready to captivate the creativity of architects, designers, contractors and more.


Having previously worked with Spacestor as their trusted lighting supplier, they approached us to partner with our products and supply lighting designs for their new design centre. Our specialist team worked hard to find the perfect lighting system, one which is entirely symbiotic with their interior design and award-winning workplace furniture.



Lighting the Way to a New Landscape for Work

The new concept for Spacestor’s award-winning ‘Aeonica’ is being presented as “The New Landscape for Work” with a focus on creating a stimulating, refreshing and highly adaptable workplace, which is synergistic with the modular capabilities of our M-Line Linear LED Range, the Floe-Line Curved LED Range and with the wireless capabilities of Casambi.


Our lighting designs, when paired with Spacestor’s furniture, can be entirely customisable to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace. Pairing our M-Line Linear Range and the Floe-Line Curved Range with Casambi intelligent lighting controls focuses on creating a human-centric workspace, tuning to the needs of its users and environment.


Casambi allows users to take complete control of remote lighting, adapting lighting to align with a space’s atmosphere, tasks and more, all through occupancy and daylight sensors, dimming and colour temperature control. These features heighten productivity, increase well-being levels in work environments, and encourage collaboration, comfort and convenience.


We recently presented ‘The vowelification of the workplace’ at the Casambi Summit Event, where our Casambi expert Miles Cantley, focused on the five key themes (A,E,I,O,U) of the evolving workplace and how Casambi can assist with the future of it.


If you want to learn more or co-create your perfect office lighting design with Miles, contact him on LinkedIn or email [email protected].



To see the new space, register your interest for Clerkenwell Design Week and join our Mount Lighting specialists and the incredible designers at Spacestors. You’ll have the chance to see unparalleled products in action and meet Casambi specialist Miles in person to learn everything there is to know about Casambi.


You can meet with a team member and experience our collaboration with Spacestor at 48-50 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 3HP or visit Perry Morren at the Allsfär & Lavoro showroom on 14 Baltic Street East, London, EC1Y 0UJ. Come and say hello!

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