Casambi Wireless Lighting Controls – The What, Why, Where and How Guide

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What Is Casambi?

Casambi is a smart, wireless lighting control system that is used for varying individual or groups of lights for effect and best efficiency.  This wireless lighting is revolutionary for utilising space intelligently and creating the desired ambience.  The “ambi” in Casambi even stands for ambience. Casambi Lighting can provide your clients the best experience, without spending significant money on third-party providers or ongoing licensing.


Wireless controls are an intelligent way of controlling your lighting, a modernised process removing the need for outdated methods, such as the wired light switch.  The Casambi control ecosystem also offers several advantages over other alternatives, providing features unlike we’ve ever known in the lighting industry before.


Casambi wireless lighting has several features, including the ability to change the colour of the lights, turn them on and off, dim, tune and many other features.  But it also has the ability to recognise motion and act in response to it through changing colour temperature and gradient, as well as by creating lighting sequences. Sequences can be set to ‘harvest daylight’ by dimming during sunlit periods or set to circadian rhythms for well-being.


How Does Casambi Work?

Unlike other types of lighting control systems, which cannot be amended once installed, or Wifi based lighting that requires an internet connection to use, the Casambi app has been developed with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology in mind.  BLE is a standard across smartphones, smartwatches and tablets alike and enables effortless lighting reconfiguration through your smart device.  What this means is that any type of environment can be adapted to suit the atmosphere.


This blog will open you to the world of Casambi wireless lighting controls, and the benefits wireless lighting provides its users, including the type of projects it is suitable for and how users can control their Casambi smart lighting.


Why Use Casambi?  The Benefits Of Wireless Lighting


Users and Occupants

Compared to standard on/off systems, wireless lighting offers many advantages to its users.  For example, it enables you to minimise unnecessary energy usage and not impact the appearance of a space with its sleek design.


Wireless lighting also plays a role in providing ‘human-centric lighting’, which alone has a number of well-being benefits to those in close proximity and in the frequent use of the software.  Examples include enhanced user comfort, increased well-being levels, productivity and alertness, particularly in the workplace and educational centres like schools and universities.


Lighting Designers 

In addition to the benefits Casambi provides its users, it is highly beneficial for designers. Casambi is not limited to specific projects.  Being a wireless lighting system means it is suitable for all types of projects, whatever the size, whether a significant historical building or a development site.


Other benefits include the Casambi system’s sustainability, such as reduced raw materials, no control cabling, and reduced containment size.  Similarly, Casambi’s daylight harvesting feature, which saves up to 60% of the lighting load, is essential for designers, enabling them to meet the City of London planning permission changes.


Installers and Fit-Out Contractors

Like with user and designer benefits, installers also benefit from the Casambi system during installation.  Unlike most other lighting installations, Casambi is relatively simple to install, with no lighting racks and only a power cable required, reducing the need for materials.


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Where To Use Casambi And What Type Of Projects Is Casambi Suitable For?

Casambi lighting control is suitable for all types of business projects, particularly for businesses where physical outlets do not align with their aesthetically pleasing appearance, such as art and design exhibitions or hard-to-access and protect historic buildings, for example, museums.


Casambi can be used in spaces of all sizes, including major sites with multiple rooms, thanks to Casambi having the ability to control up to 250 luminaires at once. So whether you need office lighting, university lighting, or lighting in a shop or elsewhere, Casambi is a versatile solution.


Casambi is a popular tool in the workplace and educational centres.  Human-centric lighting is highly beneficial for employers, mimicking natural daylight and helps drive employees’ bodily functions to respond with a higher level of productivity than warmer, dimmed tones.


How Can Casambi Help With The London Planning Permission Changes?

With plans to cut light pollution and save energy, the City of London Corporation is cracking down and consulting about the requirement for property developers to submit a detailed strategy. They plan to become carbon net zero for the Square Mile as a whole by 2040, and the Lighting Supplementary Planning Document should help to achieve this.


The City wants businesses to adhere to a lighting curfew, where lighting will be turned off or dimmed after a certain point. Casambi can help to reach this due to its features, including setting timers for turning to light on and off or dimming it.


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Get Your Wireless Lighting Control With Mount Lighting

Casambi is compatible with many of Mount Lighting’s luminaires and ALL of the linear LED products including the creative M-Line LED Lighting Systems. The Mount Lighting specialists can offer high-quality Casambi lighting controls systems pre-configured and built into our listings, offering complete ease of site installation for your business. Experience the benefits of wireless lighting with Casambi at Mount Lighting.


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