6 Benefits of Using a Commercial Lighting Designer

Lighting design for commercial spaces can often seem like a straightforward task, but in reality, it can be a complex subject to delve into. Architectural lighting design, whether for office or hospitality is both an art and a science.  Done well, lighting brings the space alive with aesthetics and function. If not done correctly, it can have some seriously damaging consequences for the users of the workplace…


Space and ambience are significantly impacted by light, that’s why having the right design and layout for a space is essential. It plays a significant role in enhancing user experience, increasing productivity and creativity, all while boosting well-being.


Here we delve into the countless benefits of hiring a commercial lighting designer and how they can help you to produce a functional, productive and attractive space.



1. A Valuable Addition To The Project Design Team

At Mount Lighting, we have years of collective expertise, with substantial technical knowledge and design theory, as well as an understanding of the lighting trends and requirements of the design industry. 


Hiring a commercial lighting designer can bring you complete peace of mind, knowing you are getting specialist assistance on your project from start to finish. Putting a dedicated team in charge lets you focus on the finer details of the interior design while we do the complicated science. 


During this process, we will pinpoint the areas that need task lighting and emergency lighting and where users can wirelessly control their workspace via the Casambi app for a completely tailored bespoke lighting experience. We will also check the lux levels, all whilst creating a lighting impact, ensuring we bring an artistic and ambient feel to the space, bringing your vision to life. 


2. The Creative Route To The Best Modern Lighting

You’re an interior designer looking to showcase your creativity on a modern commercial fit-out.  You have the flair and vision and know how important great lighting is.  All you need is a lighting specialist who can bridge the design and technical lighting aspects.  Our expertise in LED lighting is evident in the versatility of our luminary products; take for example the M-Line Slimline Hexagons, Floe-Line Curved Range and T-Line Tubular LED Range.



3. Lighting Designers Who Know What Works

While it may sound big-headed, it’s on point; we know lighting.  Our LED lighting team of creative designers and technical engineers are surrounded by lighting projects all day long and certainly know their stuff.


It’s easy to think that a specific product might bring an aesthetic feel to your project, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit the needs of the user’s workspace. With us by your side, we will point you in the right direction, reviewing the requirements of the space and identifying the perfect solution. 


For example, suspended linear lighting can enhance the look of a room, but careful considerations need to be made to ensure the completed project matches your design intent. The ceiling height and suspension drop between the light fitting and, say, a desk below is very important to achieve the correct lighting level for the user.  Even the colour of the desk will have an effect on how the light is reflected.


Our lighting designers have gained much technical knowledge and experience. Having been electricians themselves, they can provide lighting layout drawings to assist with your contractor’s smooth installation on site.  They are available throughout the project, providing technical support on the phone, where needed.


4. We Can Help With Lighting Project Budgeting

Budgets are often the no.1 thing that can prevent reaching the desired results, but when you mix knowledge and budget, there are ways to meet your project’s lighting requirements. Once a design idea has been shifted and agreed upon between you and the team, we can provide you with a fully comprehensive and favourable quotation and all the specification documents that you may require. 


If there is a particular budget you aim to meet, we can work with you to design and manufacture bespoke luminaires in line with your requirements from the initial consultation. 


5. Outstanding Quality Materials

When you work with our lighting specialists at Mount Lighting, you can be confident you are getting good quality products that have been tried and tested on a plethora of commercial lighting projects. 


Our Made-in-Britain products are designed and manufactured by our in-house production team in Luton, Bedfordshire. In-house production provides many advantages, all of which are worth noting when selecting your commercial lighting designer, especially to hit the target of lowering your project’s carbon footprint.


6. London Based Lighting Design Showrooms For Your Inspiration

At Mount Lighting, we like to show off our stuff and think our commercial lighting designers are worth shouting about. That’s why we have five lighting showroom partnerships in and around London. 


You can visit and see our architectural LED lighting and Casambi wireless lighting controls in action, including how architectural lighting can add an extra dimension to your lighting project, whether a commercial office, educational facility, historic building or something else.



Choose Mount Lighting As Your Commercial Lighting Designer

With our lighting specialists and outstanding range of products, you can be confident in a smooth-sailing lighting journey.


To experience the Mount Team’s expertise at one of our partnered showrooms or to learn more about how we can light the way on your next project, contact a team member today at [email protected] or by calling 01582 369 005.

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