Commercial Suspended Lighting – What Are Your Options?​

commercial suspended lighting


If you are looking for a new lighting solution for a commercial space, suspended lighting could be an ideal choice. Suspended or pendant lighting is not a new concept, but through its combination with LED technology, it has become increasingly popular in commercial and residential spaces.


Commercial Suspended Lighting Is Versatile


One of the main benefits of commercial suspended lighting is its versatility. Available with various designs and fixtures, including corrosion resistance, and direct or indirect lighting it is possible to find a solution that works in virtually any environment.


The beauty of this style of lighting is that the height at which it is suspended can vary, allowing the user to install it for different purposes. Whereas a lighting system suspended close to the ceiling will provide a broad pool of light, one that hangs lower will make the projected light more concentrated. What’s more, the type of shade used can direct light upwards to create ambience or downwards to create focus.


Perhaps your objective is to create task lighting to illuminate individual workstations in an open-plan office. Suspending lights low over each workstation with their shades facing downward would create the perfect illumination. From an ergonomic perspective, this setup is ideal for increasing productivity and reducing the eyestrain of employees.


Suspended lighting is equally at home in a large, high-ceilinged room, such as the foyer of a building. In said space, some lighting solutions can have a low impact. However, pendants will bring the light down away from the ceiling towards the workers below. Track lighting systems can be used to suspend lighting in expansive spaces.


Even in long, narrow or contoured spaces, such as stairways or corridors, there are suspended lighting solutions to suit all needs. Our M-Line suspended and surface lighting solutions provide a continuous lighting experience in these irregularly shaped spaces.


commercial suspended lighting


Commercial Suspended Lighting Can Make A Design Statement


Commercial suspended lighting is not just a practical solution, it is also an aesthetic one. Many of the products available bring a contemporary style and unique flair to the space in which they are installed. The lights themselves can make a design statement harmonious with the character of a building or the culture of a workplace.


Companies looking to create a ‘Google-type’ workspace that includes breakout areas and pool tables to motivate employees can make good use of suspended lighting. For example, the installation of halo lights in the reception atrium of this head office creates an impactful feature that illuminates the different parts of the reception area whilst drawing the eye up to the mezzanine above.


commercial pendant lighting


This style of lighting also creates a focal point for the eye. If a variety of lighting styles are used, it can act as a space divider in the same way furniture can – by drawing attention to specific areas or away from others.


Commercial Suspended Lighting Is An Efficient Option


While fluorescent light lamps may be the traditional choice for ceiling light fixtures, LED lighting is a far more cost-effective alternative. LED uses less energy and lasts longer, allowing users to reduce their environmental impact. Despite the greater upfront cost of LED lamps, LED lamps to last far longer than traditional ones. Fluorescent light lamps typically last for less than half as long as LED lamps, which have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.


In fact, you can find out just how much you can save when you replace your existing luminaries with our LED luminaires using our energy-saving calculator.


commercial pendant lighting


Commercial Office Lighting Aids Employee Wellbeing


The versatility of the LED technology allows for the inclusion of many control options including dimming, emergency options, wireless switching and scene-setting Casambi technology. This technology is becoming increasingly important as the need to control light in a commercial environment becomes apparent to fit with hybrid working environments.


People require different intensities of light at different points during the day, and for different tasks. For example, exposure to bright lighting at night can cause circadian rhythm disruption. Using commercial suspended lighting combined with LED technology can help to create a lighting solution that is fluid and controllable. This has the ultimate benefit of creating an environment that is lit optimally for the visual, mental and biological health of its users.


For whatever environment you require commercial suspended lighting, at Mount Lighting we will have an intelligent lighting solution to suit your needs. Why not get in touch to explore your options?

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