Discover the M-Line Colour Options

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Ask yourself this: Why should LED lighting always be White, Black or Grey?


Many commercial and public interiors don’t make use of colour in their lighting, even though there is a great deal of research into the beneficial impact of colour on creativity, productivity and wellbeing. Lighting in workspace design, in particular, is a key topic, as the importance of well-being at work is now a crucial consideration in the interior design process.


Our M-Line linear lighting range is available in 16 colours, giving you even more design possibilities.

Every colour evokes a different emotion, and with a spectrum of colour finishes available for LED lighting, why not explore the difference this could make in your next interior project?


Discover the colour options and how M-Line can be used to transform your space for the better.


What is M-Line?

M-Line is our popular Modular LED luminaire system, offering intelligently designed lighting that guarantees both impressive visual impact and maximum light distribution. M-Line gives you lighting without limitations.


You can choose from a range of designs including ones that produce isolated individually-spaced modules through to continuous lines of light and custom shaped configurations. With the versatility to incorporate endless feature design concepts, and utilising the latest in LED technology, it’s no wonder the M-Line range is so popular with our clients.


Whether you require suspended, surface, wall or recessed LED lighting for your next project, M-Line can do it all, and now there’s even more design freedom with a broad spectrum of colour options to choose from. The resulting lighting solution is one that is meticulously tailored to the needs of your project.


coloured light fittings



The M-Line colour options

We offer White, Grey and Black as standard, however, because we manufacture M-Line in-house we can also offer up to 16 Colours on the M-Line range subject to quantities. You can choose a colour powder coated finish, and even Pantone match to link your lighting seamlessly with an existing colour scheme or the company branding. If the products are going to be suspended we can provide colour matched ceiling roses to complete the cohesive look.


The M-Line Colour Finish Options

Autumn / White / Blue / Carbon / Sahara / Golden Eye / Pure Chocolate / Grey / Jungle / Mist / Black / Red / Rusty Chain / Yellow / Green / Dark Rock





How these colour options will transform your space

These colour options give you the opportunity to make an even bigger statement with your lighting and add individuality to your project.


Intelligent lighting design can draw attention to and enhance particular features within your premises. Think about what you want the focus of the space to be; often in commercial spaces this is the reception desk or other customer-facing areas. Custom M-Line designs can be used to create stunning feature lighting for reception areas, waiting areas, collaboration spaces, or wherever you want to draw the eye and create a real ‘wow’ moment.


You can also boost brand awareness with effective colour-matched lighting. Bringing interior design in line with the company brand is becoming more prevalent as people recognise the physical space as another unmissable marketing opportunity. With the option to Pantone match your brand colours, the result is a professional and cohesive interior that brings your brand full circle.


Variation in colour will allow you to create an atmosphere in rooms with different functionalities. A change in lighting and colour can signal a change in purpose, for example, it’s beneficial to think about the psychology of lighting and how you want users to feel in break-out rooms versus in meeting rooms. Some colours are said to stimulate and others to relieve, so consider differentiating spaces for productivity from those designed for relaxation with coloured LED lighting.


How is M-Line manufactured?

We manufacture the M-Line range to order here on our premises! Once we have created the custom shapes or lengths required using the lightweight aluminium frame, as per your specifications, we can then send the products off to be powder coated. We have a great relationship with our local supplier, which means we can avoid any long delays.


coloured light fittings



What time frames should you expect?

Depending on the complexity of your order and specification, we usually have a 2-3 week lead turnaround, whereas for most other suppliers this will be doubled. We can offer you these short lead times because our products are all made on-site in London, giving you peace of mind that your products will be ready on time for your preferred installation date.



Bring a burst of colour to your interior…

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