LED Lighting: Green, Efficient & Sustainable


The switch to LED lighting was a “lightbulb moment” for global governments in the mid to late 2000s. Following examples set by Venezuela and Brazil, the EU (which included the UK at that time), Australia and Switzerland began to deescalate the production of inefficient light bulbs in 2009. Last year, EU legislation changed, removing incandescent and halogen lamps from the shelves altogether. But what makes LED lights greener, more efficient and more sustainable than other forms of lighting? Keep reading to find out!


This blog examines the three things that make LED lighting the most eco-friendly choice for illuminating modern commercial buildings.


A green, efficient and sustainable choice for commercial lighting 

LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting technologies on the market today. When measuring the positive impact of these lamps on the environment, you have to consider two factors:


  • Source efficacy – how well the LED produces the desired result
  • Luminaire efficacy – how well the device and fixture work together to produce the necessary lighting


The less energy a lamp needs to produce the required lighting standard, the better. With LED lighting, energy consumption depends on the LED device and lighting fixture design. But generally speaking, LED lights last more than 5x longer than fluorescent lamps.


1. Designed to last 

Did we mention that good quality LED lights last more than 5x longer than other forms of lighting? With a longer life cycle than devices like incandescent and fluorescent lamps, or halogen lights, they are more efficient and eco-friendly for end-users. Because LEDs last longer, fewer lamps need to be produced, and the ones in production don’t need replacing as often. Scaled-back manufacturing means less packaging and lower emissions as there are fewer batches to transport. 


2. More energy efficient 

LED lights waste significantly less energy than standard forms of lighting. They can be up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent or incandescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps convert 95% of the energy they produce into heat, which means they need a lot more power to generate the same quality of light as LED lamps. Contrarily, LED lamps only waste 5% of their energy as heat, while the rest powers illumination. 


This is great news for your business and the planet, especially in this economy, because the less energy a lighting solution requires, the lower your monthly energy costs will be.





 3. Less harmful to the environment than other standard forms of lighting 

Some fluorescent lighting contains toxic chemicals and hazardous elements like mercury, which can cause damage to people and the environment if disposed of incorrectly. If they end up in a landfill, these elements can leach out and contaminate soil, water, etc., so they need specialist disposal


LED lights do not contain toxic elements, and most LED lights can be recycled, reducing the carbon footprint of specialist hazard disposal teams and cutting down on landfill areas.


In addition to recycling, repairing and reusing luminaire housing is a sustainable solution, as it limits production and reduces packaging and transportation. There are many challenges involved in switching to a circular lighting economy, but the industry has made great strides towards this goal in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDCs). New research and upcoming legislation surrounding luminaire remanufacturing standards can help you switch towards reusing and repurposing luminaires.


Mount’s M-Line, T-Line and Floe-Line systems are modular, meaning you can replace the LED boards when the time comes. Discover more below!


Enhance projects with LED lighting 

LED lighting has the power to transform commercial interiors from standard to exceptional spaces. The right choice of illumination enhances other aspects of your design – like furniture and layout – and improves health and productivity amongst your staff. 


At Mount Lighting, we excel at creating and supplying LED office lighting that breathes new life into every workspace, room and building. Whether it’s a CAT A or B refurbishment, a fit-out for a school, college, hospital or serviced office building or something entirely different, we have an LED lighting solution to suit your project requirements. 


Are you still using fluorescent lamps on your premises? From February 2023, the production of fluorescent lighting will be phased out in the UK as a result of changes to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. Familiarise yourself with the changes and get ready to make the switch with Mount’s lighting conversion service. We will retrofit your fittings with more modern, sustainable, cost-effective LED lighting solutions, including motion sensors and Casambi controls, allowing you to change lighting intensity levels and conserve energy.


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The sleek and innovative M-Line LED Lighting System from Mount Lighting is the perfect architectural lighting solution for modern commercial fit-outs. Available in a choice of profiles, mounting options and continuous lengths to suit bespoke requirements, M-Line gives you the freedom to execute your design in any way you want. The only limit is your imagination! 


We manufacture the M-Line range in-house using the latest in LED technology. It is available as part of our Made in Britain range, which means faster turnaround times and fewer environmental repercussions from imported materials and transportation.




commercial led lighting



Our out-of-this-world T-Line tubular LED range is manufactured in-house to bring consistent illumination and tailored design features to commercial lighting projects without compromising the environment. Explore infinite configuration possibilities and create geometric or bespoke patterns to match your interior using our variously-shape aluminium joining pieces, available in different RAL colours. Do lighting your way with the T-Line range – made in Britain to the highest manufacturing standards. 




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Bend light and experience lighting in motion with our brand-new Floe-Line range. The sleek curves and rounded edges of Floe-Line will take commercial lighting design to a new dimension. Redefine the shape of decorative commercial lighting with smooth curves and lengths up to 1960 mm to suit any installation. Have your fixtures produced in any colour from the RAL palette. Let your imagination ‘floe’ and make waves in a sea of linear lighting. 




Turn it up with Mount Lighting 

Make the switch to LED lighting in your office space. At Mount Lighting, we have almost 20 years of experience creating breathtaking illuminations, and we are very proud of our Made in Britain membership. It pushes us to design and manufacture more innovative products, balancing meeting industry demand with sustainable practices. Whatever your design, we have the perfect solution.  Contact us today at [email protected] or 01582 369 005 to find out how we can light the way on your next project. 


Introducing Lumecycle


If you’re wondering where to start your journey to energy-efficient and sustainable lighting in your building, meet Lumecycle.
Lumecycle is our retro-fit lighting service where our team will review your requirements on a project-to-project basis to see if we can swap out banned fluorescent lighting to LED lighting while utilising the existing casing for example.  We can also make recommendations on updating to newer, more energy-efficient LED boards to avoid having to start everything over from scratch.  We also have the Casambi wireless lighting controls that can be incorporated into designs to intelligently detect occupancy and dim to balance natural light entering through windows.  And if that isn’t enough, then there is our cradle-to-cradle solution.  This is where we manufacture modular product components in our UK facility so that parts can easily be replaced at end of life, without having to replace the whole fitting – most materials can also be recycled and repurposed to contribute towards net zero.
Discover more about sustainable lighting at our LightWise Hub.




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