Modern Pendant Lighting – How To Make A Statement

pendant lighting ideas


Modern pendant lighting offers a myriad of opportunities to customize and illuminate the design features of your space. With endless options of size, shape, materials, specifications of direct/indirect, limitless colours, and even wireless controls, achieving the perfect solution has never been easier.


Long gone are the days when a single suspended light bulb in the centre of a ceiling was all there was to it! Nowadays, pendant lighting can be designed to fit in with the aesthetic and practical needs of your commercial space. After all, it’s important that each design has the potential to make a real statement!


Of course, as with any aspect of interior design, there are both positives and negatives to using pendant lighting. The key is to decide what the best option is for your space.


The benefits of modern pendant lighting


Aesthetically speaking, modern pendant lighting can be designed to suit your space with different lamps, diffusers, shades, and suspension features. A huge benefit to selecting pendant lighting as your source of illumination is the sheer vastness of customisation available to you as a consumer. Every space and project deserves a solution that works. After all, lighting is used to fulfil a room and not just light it up.


Pendant lights can be customised in a huge number of ways, including height, suspension, and placement. Lighting systems can be used to emphasise design points of interest in a room, or to provide lighting to specific areas such as work surfaces or desks.


Often, pendant lighting is softer than spotlights and is capable of providing a more homely or comforting feel to a room whilst maintaining a practical illumination level.


In terms of practicality, modern pendant lighting creates and maintains space in an area by being suspended from the ceiling rather than taking up floor or surface space. It’s possible to suspend lights at different heights to create a light source that’s concentrated or diffused dependent on elevation. Pendant light sources also offer the opportunity to focus lighting on a particular area without resorting to harsh spotlighting or the employment of multiple lamps.


Are there any downsides?


Like any feature within the functional design sphere, there are downsides to pendant lighting as an illumination solution. The concept of this form of lighting can be perceived as old-fashioned if one does not possess the imagination to modernise and design lighting solutions that are aesthetically pleasing.


Modern pendant lighting could be imposing or distracting in a small space and if incorrect colour temperatures are used it would mean harsh or ineffective light will be omitted. However, a combination of inventive vision and dedicated spatial planning can compensate these perceptions and provide effective solutions.


Feature pendant lighting designs are static and cannot be moved should the interior below them be rearranged. This could possibly mean that you become restricted in terms of rearranging the other design features of a room. Although, with such a striking initial installation, rearrangement will be an unlikely requirement – even if it should be acknowledged.


Another factor to bear in mind is the actual physical installation. This can be tricky particularly if you are placing lights at different heights. For an impressive lighting spectacle, correct measurements must be taken to ensure accurate practical and aesthetically pleasing placements.


Nonetheless, the use of talented and committed installers can ensure that this tricky process leads to a smooth and awe-inspiring result


pendant lighting ideas


Intelligent lighting solutions


Though there are downsides, the benefits of modern pendant lighting vastly outweigh any negative aspects. One of the most appealing factors is the freedom they provide when it comes to choosing a position and design based on what you’re looking to achieve and the type of style you’re aiming for.


Offering far more in terms of aesthetics and practicality than single suspended lights, designs can be intuitive, discrete, eye-catching, or timeless depending on your needs. The ability to use modern pendant lighting in specific ways to highlight parts of a room without taking up floor or surface space allows for bespoke lighting solutions and space-saving opportunities.


Pendant lighting can fill up a space without taking up any unnecessary space at all – meaning that there’s more room for displaying other important assets or notable features.


pendant lighting ideas


Why choose Mount Lighting?


The combination of providing a decorative and practical result is a significant draw for using modern pendant lighting fixtures. Increasingly, we are finding that consumers are opting for modern, attractive and intelligent pendant lighting designs to accentuate interior décor. This combination of details provides unique, functional and outstanding lighting solutions for commercial premises that inspire awe.


Selecting the appropriate lighting solution for different types of business premises can be confusing but rest assured that there are options to suit every requirement. We’re experts in using our range to provide the most spectacular lighting designs to all different varieties of establishments – no matter the challenge.


The use of modern pendant lights in your commercial property can lead to striking, bespoke illumination designs that comply with aesthetic and practical needs whilst adding contemporary design features. Not to mention the tailored lighting solutions that brighten up shared spaces.


So, if you’re looking to make an impact on your visitors and customers with your use of spectacular lighting, view our full range of suspended lighting fixtures that are sure to inspire your creative direction.


When it comes to office lighting ideas, our team are on hand with an abundance of experience and a plethora of concepts that we’re sure will light up your space in a unique, modern, and efficient way.  If you’re interested in finding out more about our office pendant lighting ideas, contact us today on 01582 369 005 or at [email protected]

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