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The 17,375 sq ft office covers a single storey in a spectacular London skyscraper overlooking the city. Mount Lighting was contacted by the project’s team and contractors to supply an LED lighting design and commercial LED lighting for the CAT B project throughout multiple rooms and zones.


The modern commercial environment demands LED lighting that functions well, benefits employee welfare, looks exceptional and inspires productivity. All LED lighting that Mount Lighting manufactures and supplies meets the highest quality standards, and our offering has helped many projects achieve incredible results within the expected timeframes.


This project also presented tight timelines, and the Mount team had to source and supply many feature pendants within a short time. Many of the beautiful pendants were installed above workstations and meeting tables.


LED pendant lighting is a popular choice in LED lighting design as the suspended fixtures offer excellent task lighting illumination while being decorative and sculptural. LED pendant lights can also be hung in a decorative series or installed as a stand-alone, focal light fixture.


The architectural Globe pendant lights an attractive additions to the LED lighting design. They will help employees conduct tasks and work while impressing clients and new talent. With a vast selection of pendants on the market, we satisfied the project’s designer with pendants sourced from outside of our range to further elevate the interior of the impressive commercial space.


Mount Lighting supplied commercial LED lighting in every area of the office, including private offices, phone booths, hallways, breakout areas, boardrooms, the multi-faith room, the reception and the medical room.


The most important part of the LED lighting design was creating fluid cohesion between all of the spaces and divisions while integrating seamlessly with the furnishings and fixtures. The feature ceilings are a significant part of the office design, and our team needed to design our luminaires to work within the layout.


The existing ceilings had been removed when the project began, and one of our standout products was installed to enhance the new appearance while offering direct and indirect lighting. The suspended Blade luminaire looks and performs outstandingly with cutting-edge LED lighting technology and a sleek aluminium frame.


The Blade’s clean lines and 4650-lumen output offer comfortable, even lumination across all work surfaces. In addition, the symmetrical layout of the Blade throughout the office from the original LED lighting design has delivered a professional appearance and unity.


Mount Lighting also supplied solutions for linear LED lighting, Halo ring lighting, architectural downlights and emergency lighting. Many of the LED lighting options installed had built-in DALI and emergency capacities. All lighting was designed to CIBSE regulations.



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Project Conclusion

The appearance and impact of this project are exactly what the contractors and project team expected and wanted. The Mount team used our years of experience in the industry, British manufacturing and sourcing capabilities and large choice of LED lighting solutions to deliver a fully realised, attractive LED lighting design across different commercial zones and areas with unique requirements and layouts.

The exposed ceiling areas and reception slatted ceiling areas turned out brilliantly. We believe our LED lighting offering will help push the employees and business further to achieve better things in their beautiful new office.