The layout consists of two, two-storey buildings. Building 1, the largest of the two, presents potential customers with an array of office furniture and working scenes, it includes a refreshments station and presentation areas. Upstairs is a large gin bar, a chair library and a great events space where workplace meetings are often held all whilst being illuminated to perfection by Mount Lighting.

Building 2  is the showroom which was most recently refitted, and the downstairs meeting rooms were the location of our team’s transforming, immersive lighting design.

Our initial consultation with Egon to understand his vision for this section of the showroom revealed that our team had to integrate our lighting design into some of the existing and new features. We quickly established the need to increase ambience and create different lighting scenes for different working scenarios, such as presentation hosting, boardroom meetings and party events. Our lighting experts designed a lighting plan that incorporated Casambi wireless lighting controls and the new M-Line micro linear luminaire (get in touch for product data) into the wooden slats that climb the showroom wall and ceiling, creating a waterfall effect that will intrigue customers and create a great showpiece.

The desired lighting effects were created using a range of Mount’s architectural lighting, which accentuated the showroom furniture perfectly and inspired the ideal atmosphere that Egon had requested. To further the ambience, our technicians designed the Casambi wireless system to control the LED lighting RGB profile around the perimeter of the showroom, which gave Egon the power to oversee the colour, intensity and transitions of the lights, allowing him to create a dynamic display.

Egon’s skilled electrical contractors made installation efficient and easy by meticulously installing the M-Line micro linear luminaires into the wooden ceiling and wall slats. The luminaries were installed with precision and achieved a visually fluid display, perfectly creating the desired waterfall effect. Mount’s Technicians provided a comprehensive Casambi commissioning service, ensuring that all systems worked optimally and were flawlessly integrated into their surroundings.

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Waterfall Lighting Display Featured in Luxury Office Furniture Showroom

Project Conclusion

Thanks to the high-level collaboration between our lighting experts, Egon Hunt and his electrical contractors, the showroom transformed into a captivating setting to display furniture, be a creative workspace and leave a lasting impression on customers.

The success of this project exceeded expectations. Egon and his team admired the final results’ innovative design and captivating aesthetics. The lighting systems enhance the Hunts Showroom experience and, since the completion of the project, have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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