Self-testing emergency lighting checks itself automatically to ensure that the battery and lamp in each emergency light are fully operational. If a problem is detected by the self-test the system will display a visual warning and sound an audible warning. This technology is in compliance with BS5266. 


The self-test feature replaces the manual tests carried out monthly and annually. The removal of the need for manual testing makes self-test emergency lighting a more cost-effective solution and create less disruption in the building. 


The intelligent warning technology will indicate the type of fault that has been found so that the problem can be dealt with accordingly. 


Not only does this make it a simple option for solving issues but the initial swap/installation to this type of self-test emergency lighting is easy. This makes self-testing emergency lights one of the most effective ways to meet fire safety regulations. 


Mount Lighting offers this option within many of its emergency lighting systems luminaires.


testing emergency lighting luminaires

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