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Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits
Bulkhead Lighting


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Whether round or square bulkhead luminaires, the MPAK is available in multiple options to ensure you can make the change from fluorescent technology to LED quickly and simply. By using the MPAK solution, the costly exercises of replacing the whole luminaire and fussing around with all the associated rewiring are removed, saving time and money and disrupting day-to-day operations at your premises. The MPAK is secured by keyhole fixing points and has a fast-fit push wire terminal block to save you even more time during the fitting process.

The MPAK gear tray is manufactured from white powder-coated sheet steel and contains branded electronic components to deliver the most up-to-date and advantageous steps forward in LED technology. With 50,000 hours of LED lamp life in a singularly gear tray, you can trust that your luminaires will continue to emit high levels of luminance for years to come (health is monitored with a hi-brightness charge healthy LED indicator). By choosing the optional microwave sensors for switching or dimming, you can save even more energy. Mains and emergency versions are also available.

Key Features

  • Mains and emergency versions
  • Optional microwave sensor for switching or dimming while unoccupied
  • CRI>80, 50,000 hour LED lamp life
  • Branded components
  • Hi-brightness charge healthy LED indicator
  • Fast fit push wire terminal block
  • Keyhole fixing points
  • Suitable for round or square bulkheads
  • 5-year warranty


Our LED gear tray has been designed to fully replace existing control gear within either round or square bulkhead Luminaires when making the change from fluorescent technology to LED.



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Product Code Lamp Colour Temperature LED Board Lumen Output Equivalent Fluorescent Lamp
MP10LDE 10w 4000K 1428 16w 2D
MP14LDE 14w 4000K 1925 28w 2D
MP20LDE 20w 4000K 2519 38w 2D

Product Options

Option Code
/M 3 Hour Maintained Emergency
/P Presence Detection
/PCF Dimmable Presence Detection

Size Options

L 208mm W 190mm H 36mm
Full Height c/w sensor = 51mm

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