Project Requirements

Across the three levels of office space, each area required its own specific atmosphere depending on its use and occupier. We used several figurations of M-Line linear LED lights, including bespoke lighting in the form of a huge geometric lattice shape and standard rectangles, to create an optimal experience throughout the different sections of the open-plan office. Throughout the project, we were conscious of saving energy and also ensured the CIBSE lighting guidelines were met in all areas. 


The client requested a large lighting system that spanned the whole distance of the first floor without any other single light fittings needed. We used the M-Line Linear lighting system to create the lattice shape that covered the entire ceiling space; this bespoke lighting design highlighted multiple areas of the space, further enhanced with custom blanking plates and directional spotlights. These details exemplify the unique qualities of the space, such as the impressive fish tank and attract attention to the artwork on the walls. The complexity of this feature demanded innovative ideas to put it in place, but through thorough planning and communication with the electrical contractor, the luminaire was installed with ease. 


We were instructed that the ‘clubhouse’ space needed a level of control that was not present before. We decided that the Casambi wireless lighting controls would be the best solution for the area, as it would give control of the RGBW colour that illuminated the ceiling and steel beams, which gave the whole space an interactive and fun effect. Learn more about how Casambi can intelligently utilise space and light to create your desired effect and ambience.

It was important to create contrast between the different sectors in the workplace, so rooms such as the CEO’s office and meeting rooms required a sense of uniformity that distinguished them from the common areas around the office. For the CEO’s office, we illuminated the shelving unit with LED Tape and used Enforce and Sonic recessed downlights on the ceilings of both the office and the meeting rooms.

cool office lighting

Project Conclusion

The project progress was successful, carried out without difficulty and was finished promptly on schedule. This project gave our lighting design specialists at Mount Lighting the opportunity to exhibit our capabilities and technical knowledge, such as technical lighting design, in-house production and our Casambi commissioning service. 


Our relationship with the client was positive, thanks to a high level of communication and planning. Our Casambi commissioning engineer was present on-site to help set up the RGBW feature and made sure everything ran smoothly.