project requirements

The project location was a multi-floor office suite and lighting was to be provided as part of a category B fit-out. The office is utilised by a well-respected, global company and required lighting that looked good, encouraged productivity, made an impact, and met specific lux levels. Multiple areas of the office space required lighting, including meeting rooms, open-plan offices, toilet areas, a sizable canteen and webinar rooms. As there were so many areas requiring lighting solutions with a variety of layouts and functions, Mount Lighting had to assess the individual needs of each area and supply the best solutions.
Our team acted as a single-source supplier for the interior lighting package and provided lighting calculations and drawings. The client made specific requests and we worked closely with them to achieve specific lux levels and fulfil individual aesthetic and lighting placement requests. We also offered project management assistance as required which included some visits to the location.
Mount Lighting supplied a range of lighting to suit the specific conditions of the office zones, including task lighting, recessed ceiling lighting, emergency lighting, ambient lighting, and more.

Products Utilised

Sonic 6W 650lm Emergency DALI Dimmable LED Downlight - 4K - IP65 Sonic 18W 1850lm Emergency DALI Dimmable LED Downlight - 4K Sonic 18W 1850lm DALI Dimmable LED Downlight - 4K Multi-Track - Circuit DALI Track 2.0m - Black TRS31 25W LED Spot 3 Circuit 4K 40 Degree - DALI Dim - Black Spark 10W LED 825lm DALI Downlight 4K White trim/White Baffle Quantum 17W IP44 1300lm Rect. DALI Downlight 4K White Trim ELD3 3W Emergency Spot with Open Area Lens 165 Lumen Bespoke Pendants Contact us for further information
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Project Conclusion

The end results are as impactive and aesthetically pleasing as the project lead and client could have wished for. Overall, the lighting quality and appearance of the spaces had been vastly improved and our team are confident that staff and visitors will benefit in many ways from the supplied luminaires going forward. All required lux levels were achieved as per the client’s demands and were designed to standard CIBSE recommended lux levels.