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Training centres are fundamental to helping prospective and current workforces develop new skills, awareness and safety strategies. Good lighting is fundamental to helping workforces learn and develop safely in an accommodating environment. The two-storey centre is a refurbished building that has now been fitted out to accommodate educational and training resources. The electrical contractor of the CAT B project contacted Mount Lighting with their own lighting design plan.

The team supplied the LED lighting that the contractor requested, and it was installed across both storeys in the main office spaces, breakout areas, auditorium, corridors and toilets. All lighting was designed to adhere to CIBSE technical guidance.

The office ceiling lights installed throughout the building are low glare and high output and offer widespread general and task illumination. Mount Lighting LEP32LG ceiling panel lights have a stylish white trim, a long lamp life (50,000 hours) and require very little maintenance — great for large offices and the manner of installation.

All LEP32LG lighting panels are UGR19. LED lighting with a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of 19 or less is the recommended rating for office spaces. Lower numbers guarantee better performance and fewer adverse health effects in a commercial space. Having a UGR of <19 at desk level is the only way lighting can be classified as low glare. By utilising UGR19 LED lighting throughout the office, risks to welfare will be minimised.

Mount Lighting also supplied high-performance LumaLED luminaires, dimmable Epic LED downlights and Echo LED frame lights.

All three LED lighting ranges have an attractive casing that adheres with the interior design and high output for even coverage, even in rooms with no natural light. Endura luminaires were also supplied to provide efficient illumination for a safer workplace and a better atmosphere.

A mixture of fixed output and DALI LED products were supplied as part of the fit-out. The Mount team supplied many of the LED lights with emergency options alongside standout emergency lighting and exit legends.

This project was very focused on functionality and creating a positive working environment that will help people develop and grow without risk to their welfare. By combining architectural downlights, downlit office lighting and office ceiling lights, the training centre will now benefit from effective lighting for years to come.


Products Utilised

LEP32LG - 32W LED Low-Glare Panel 595 x 595mm - 4K Standard, Emergency, DALI Dimmable & Emergency DALI Dimmable LumaLED - 20W & 30W Recessed - 4K Standard & Emergency Epic - 10W LED IP65 Emergency Downlight - 4K - 1000 Lumen Emergency, DALI Dimmable & Emergency DALI Dimmable Echo - 1x30W LED - 4K - 60 Degree - White - 3275 Lumen DALI Adj. Downlight & DALI Em. Adj. Endura - 57W LED 5' (Non-Corrosive) DALI Dimmable & Emergency DALI Dimmable Curva - Curved Front LED Exit Box - Black Razor - Suspended Emergency Exit LED - White
ceiling lights for office
commercial ceiling lighting

Project Conclusion

All lighting products were supplied exactly as requested based on the contractor’s design within budget and the established time frames.

The team is always happy to discuss how impressive and jaw-dropping our architectural lighting ranges are, but Mount Lighting is also a proud supplier of fundamental, essential lighting that offers good lighting output with refined style. While some may perceive ceiling panel lights to be out of fashion, Mount has created office ceiling light solutions that are contemporary, fit for purpose and better than many options on the market — especially those that don’t use LED technology.

The LED lighting technology used throughout will also ensure that the building saves energy and supports employee and occupant health.