The Facts: LED Lighting vs Fluorescent Lighting

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56 years ago, the first working light-emitting diode was created by the GE scientist Nick Holonyak Jr. At the time, he was actually trying to create a laser – not something that would eventually replace the incandescent bulb.  The LED, therefore, joins a long list of ‘accidental’ inventions that have entered the daily lives of millions of people – from the microwave to the Post-It Note, to X Rays and even Superglue!


The fluorescent lamp was developed for commercial use in the 1930s and was delivered across the globe with widespread success. However, lighting design has come a long way since the 1930s and a new contender for the best lighting technology brightened up the industry in the late 1960s.


In 2022, the world, and the businesses within it, are a very different place and our expectations of quality and interior design ambitions are bigger than ever.  Never before has the culture, atmosphere, and surroundings of an office impacted so highly on recruitment and the ever-growing focus on employees’ wellbeing.  So, whether you’re looking for new ways to light your upcoming office refurbishments or are wanting to make the break from fluorescent lighting in your commercial space, we’re here to light the way.


Fluorescent Lighting: What’s The Issue?


Fluorescent lighting has been experiencing a widespread phase-out for some time now and owes its growing disapproval in part to companies, individuals and government agencies becoming more concerned with conserving energy and saving the planet. Standard fluorescent lamps are inferior in conserving energy and contain chemicals and elements that are very harmful to the environment.


Not only does this mean that commercial properties are losing money and energy during the lamp’s lifetime, but extra care/cost must be taken when disposing of them to avoid environmental contamination.


Fluorescent lights, especially older installations, also struggle with performance. As omnidirectional lights, they require more accessory parts in order to reflect or focus the luminous output of the bulb; this amounts to additional cost and wasted light. They also have a warm-up period and will not immediately achieve optimum light levels.




suspended lighting m-line

University of Reading – M-Line Bespoke Surface Mounted Squares

LED Lighting: What Are The Benefits?


LED lamps can produce the same amount of light as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs but use less energy or watts. In other words, they produce more lumens per watt.


LED lights also have a longer lifespan than alternative lighting methods. In contrast to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, high-quality LED lamps have up to 50x longer lifespans than some lighting alternatives. LEDs are also very low maintenance, making them perfect for high-bay ceilings in warehouses and all industrial and commercial applications.


On average, an office or commercial space will need illuminating 12 hours a day, 365 days a year and the above statistics translate to a real-world life expectancy of at least 10 years.  Even LED lights that are left to run 24 hours a day will only need to be changed once every 5 years on average.


LEDs do not burn out or ‘blow’ in the same way that incandescent or fluorescent bulbs do. They are considered to be at the end of their life when they reach a stage known as L70 which is when the bulb is only producing 70% of its original light output as it burns towards the end of its rated life.


On average, at least five fluorescent light bulbs would be discarded in the lifespan of one LED lamp. LED lamps, therefore, reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 80%.


20% of the world’s energy usage is estimated to be consumed by lighting. If we could switch all of the lights to LED technology, this amount could be reduced by over 75% – representing a huge decrease in emissions of C02 and other pollutants currently released into our atmosphere.  LED lighting is better for the environment and is more cost and energy-efficient. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are up to 80% more efficient.


Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights convert 95% of their energy into light and only 5% is wasted as heat; this is all while still using far less power to provide a strong and consistent output at a lower wattage. Less energy usage equals more environmentally friendly outcomes.


When it comes to arriving in the office on a cold winter’s morning, there is nothing more depressing than flicking the switch on a fluorescent light which then takes a few minutes to warm up, flickering and fading in the process.  In contrast, LEDs have no warm-up or cool-down period and do not flicker – something which is proven to be a direct contributor to the state of employee welfare and health!  In terms of appearance, the more advanced and compact the technology of LEDs means that designs and models can be more creative and bolder (and smaller) while still offering the same or if not better output and power efficiency.




LED lighting circle

Silk Factory, London – Halo Suspended

Transform Your Space With LED Lighting


LED office lighting is the stepping stone between mediocre and exceptional interiors. Without good lighting, the impact of furniture and layout risks being vapid and poor lighting choices can result in health and productivity issues for occupants.


Mount Lighting is dedicated to creating and supplying LED office lighting that invigorates every workplace, room and building. From CAT A & B refurbishments to healthcare premises; from educational establishments to hospitality; from serviced offices to multi-storey car parks… Mount Lighting have an LED lighting solution that will transform your project.


With our range of LED lighting – from suspended linear lights to recessed lighting – we’re sure that we will have something to suit the needs of every project. We also offer a lighting conversion service.  This service is excellent when existing luminaries on-site require adapting with emergency or dimming features or fluorescent luminaries need replacing with LED boards.




The M-Line Range from Mount Lighting provides a smart, modern, aesthetically crisp and clean luminaire system with the versatility to incorporate endless feature design concepts.


Using M-Line, you can transform the visual appearance of high-specification commercial and public interiors. Choose from designs that produce isolated individually-spaced modules, continuous lines of light, or custom-shaped configurations for feature lighting that is bound to be noticed by visitors and appreciated by users of the building.


Why be boring when you could stand out with statement lighting that is unique to you? The M-Line LED Linear Range by Mount is designed to allow you to create endless shapes of continuous light. The only limit is your imagination. Really.


To make your design even more unique, the superior lighting from the T-Line LED Tubular Lighting Range is available in a RAL colour of your choice. It can be suspended in single, cross or bespoke shape and pattern formations using the unique joining pieces.




LED lighting company

LEP32LG – Recessed LED Panel Lights


Designed to be a straight replacement for fluorescent light units in a typical suspended ceiling installation, these UGR19 rated slimline, stylish LED panel lights give off a flicker-free light that is perfect for office and classroom environments.


Their low-maintenance design also has a significant advantage over traditional louvred fluorescent light units in that they do not have recesses where dust and flies can gather, making them perfect for cleanroom and laboratory areas. Also, unlike fluorescent lights, they come on instantly – no more waiting for a room to illuminate or getting annoyed by the tired light unit in the corner that always seems to come on 5 minutes after the rest!




Even Greater Efficiency With Casambi


The icing on the cake? You can add Casmabi-connected wireless smart controls to all of our LED lighting options, giving you the ability to remotely change the light output using Android, Windows and Apple devices via the Casambi app!




Our Projects Using LED Lighting


Browse some of our projects which have utilised Mount’s expertise in the LED lighting market.








In Conclusion


If you are still using fluorescent lighting in your workplace, school, or college campus, there has never been a better time than the present to make the switch to LED. If you are confused by the options available, why not schedule a call from one of our friendly lighting consultants? At Mount Lighting we have almost three decades of experience in illumination. Whether it is a talking-point luminaire for your reception area or updating your emergency lighting to comply with the latest requirements, we are here to help.


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