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As we welcome the new year, it is a perfect time to reflect and take stock of developments in the workplace. Over the past thirty years, the landscape of work has changed; thanks to technological advancements, and societal, socioeconomic and environmental events, working trends are continually shifting. 


From cubicles to coworking spaces, and open-plan offices to hybrid working, the world of work is constantly evolving. A current trend is the rise of hybrid roles, bringing with them a sense of employee empowerment and autonomy. 


Spaces now need to cater to more than the rudimentary needs of employees. Workspaces “…have to demonstrate that when they want people back to the office, they are going to have the tools and spaces which enable them to be more productive than what they could achieve by themselves”     


Work culture and environment, job flexibility and employee well-being have become as important as the job role itself. Our workplaces need to keep up, but how can office lighting aid this?


Lighting for Individual/Task Areas/Meeting Areas 

Well-placed, intelligent lighting can adapt to employees’ needs while ensuring that disturbance to others is non-existent. Workplaces and offices encourage collaboration, comfort and convenience, however, there is nothing worse than the glare of artificial light on a dark early morning, or having a colleague’s bright luminaries spill over into a presentation space. Intuitive and functional lighting transforms spaces, differentiates between working areas, and can be adjusted according to the needs of occupants. 


Brightness and colour temperature all play a role. For example, where a reception or welcoming area would be better suited to softer, warmer lighting, workspaces require brighter, blue-toned hues, and use specific forms of task lighting. In turn, meeting or conference room lighting would perhaps be more suited to ambient tones, although not so dim that they discourage productivity. 


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Smart Bluetooth lighting controls, such as Casambi, can offer employees a level of technological interoperability and control that they would most likely not find in their own homes; this allows complete remote control of lighting, which can be set onto timers. In addition, occupancy and daylight sensors ensure lighting remains appropriate for different times of the day and is not left on in empty spaces, thus saving costs and energy. Casambi also offers the ability to instantly change the space from one usage type to another, which works very well for hybrid spaces.


Mount Lighting offers all these options, as well as solutions to provide office-fit outs with multiple lighting types, models and lumens, that can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the space and client. Direct, indirect and task lighting can be used in tandem, offering flexible solutions that can be tailored to any commercial building. Contact us now to find your perfect office lighting design- we are always happy to help. 




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M-Line Range 

As part of our Made in Britain offering, the M-Line range is manufactured in-house, so we have complete control over the design and quality of the sleek aluminium profiles. It is Casambi compatible and comes in a variety of bespoke colours, lengths and mounting options. 


In addition, our LED lighting is far more efficient and can save money in the long term. With a longer lifespan, these luminaires are versatile and are designed to last. They are also more in tune with the health and well-being of employees than traditional fluorescent lighting, which can often be harsh and cannot be adjusted to suit the environment and activity of the user. 


Our models are adaptable and can be customised to suit your needs. The innovative M-Line Suspended system is a favourite for office lighting due to its simplicity and sleek style. For a more subtle approach, the M-Line Systems can be surface or wall-mounted offering a dynamic solution to direct or indirect lighting needs. 


M-Line Office Lighting

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The M-Line 54 is a low-glare alternative that is fitted with a polycarbonate diffuser that results in breathtaking lighting that has a low UGR – perfect for spaces where employees will spend many hours of their day.


The variety doesn’t stop there. If you are looking for the “wow” factor, our custom lengths and shapes allow you to unleash your creativity. From letters to bold geometric shapes with fully lit corners and angles, the possibilities of incorporating this into your interior lighting designs are endless. Or why not try our eye-catching and contemporary M-Line Slimine Hexagon, which is perfect for more modern fit-outs? Get a quotation now and begin your lighting journey. 


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Let’s Keep our Solutions Flexible 

Mount Lighting has been creating stunning illuminations for almost 20 years. Find the right balance between form and function and watch how it impacts employee well-being and productivity. Contact us today at [email protected] or 01582 369 005 to find out how we can help you create the optimal flexible workspace. 



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